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Feb 3, 2022

This episode, Nativescape welcomes Navajo multi-disciplinary artist Tony Abeyta who is featured in Abeyta | To’Hajiilee K’é. The exhibition is opening at the the Wheelwright Museum on February 12th, 2022. Abeyta | To’Hajiilee K’é brings together for the first time the art of four members and two generations of the Abeyta family ̶ father Narciso Abeyta (1918-1998), daughters Elizabeth (1955-2006) and Pablita (1953-2017), and son Tony (b. 1965). Each a recognized master in their field, the exhibition presents their works in dialog with each other and the broader Native American arts movement. The exhibition title uses the Navajo word K’é, meaning family, love, connection, and compassion, as it deepens understanding and appreciation of this family’s legacy. Though each artist has a distinct style and works in diverse media including painting, sculpture, and silversmithing, all interweave common autobiographical narratives, complex Navajo beliefs and imagery, rich cultural histories, and explorations of art practice and storytelling, often with a keen sense of humor and intimacy. The works investigate intersections of culture and concept as they examine life on the Navajo Nation as well as the world outside of Navajo’s four sacred mountains, probing tribal and Indigenous memory associated with the land and contemporary life.